just me and my baby girl exploring the energies within us and surrounding us - walking the path of life barefoot through the flowers, here to share our journey.

yesterday was such a hard day for me. Alice’s father was being his usual carefree self and i resented him for not having the same responsibilities i do. i remember being pregnant and looking forward to this future with him and our baby, living together and loving each other like a bona fide happy family and it turned out so differently. it feels like it all went horribly wrong.

anyways so i spent the whole day in bed and didn’t eat anything and cried a bunch, while my mother took Alice off my hands and let me mope. i decided to make today better and went outside into the beautiful weather. i went to a park and played guitar and smoked joints and decorated the streets and sidewalks with chalk and took pictures with my best friend and my little girl. 

today reminded me that the Universe is always smiling on me if i only turn myself towards its warm embrace with open arms. i’m certain to forget this again in the future but Karma, my friend, will always be back to teach me again ♥